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Nilofer Bakhtiar – Pakistan tourism minister resigns for obscenity

Nilofer Bakhtiar - Pakistan tourism minister resigns for obscenity

What? Are you kidding? Has anyone been following the story of Nilofer Bakhtiar? She resigned from her post as Pakistan’s tourism minister because she gave her paragliding instructor a hug?

This is even dumber than the Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty scandal…dumber than Tabu and Nelson Mandela…this list could go on.

More on Nilofer Bakhtiar here:

Pakistan’s Tourism Minister Nilofer Bakhtiar has quit after weeks of controversy surrounding a photo of her hugging her French paragliding instructor.

Sources say that she is upset that her own party, the PML Q, did not support her.

Earlier she was asked to step down as chairperson of Women’s Wing of the Pakistan Muslim League.

However, the Pakistan government has neither confirmed nor denied Bakhtiar’s resignation.

Pakistan’s Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani said that a decision on her resignation would only be taken after Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz returns home from Jordon, which he did on Sunday.

Bakthiar, however, seems adamant, and sources close to her say that she is determined not to take her resignation back.


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Progression in Pakistan Parental Rights?

I found this to be an interesting piece of news considering an article I wrote last year on international parental child abduction. Beyond the details, what’s interesting is the Pakistani courts ruling – is it a sign of progression or conformation?

What’s progressive is that Pakistan is realizing there is a problem and taking steps to rectify the situation (even if it’s only with the UK at this time). However, I’m not sure this case was the best to be made an example of.

BBC article last week: Court victory for Misbah’s mother

My article in MuslimWakeUp! last year: Escaping Pakistan

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Did you hear the one about the Sri Lankan…?

…You know how your parents are always on your case to talk to them in Hindi or Urdu? Yeah, now you have a legit excuse not to bother.


Man questioned and misses flight for speaking Tamil

By Brad Wong

A 32-year-old man speaking Tamil and some English about a sporting rivalry was questioned at Sea-Tac Airport and missed his flight Saturday because at least one person thought he was suspicious.

The Port of Seattle dispatched its police officers to investigate the case, which occurred Saturday around noon, said Bob Parker, airport spokesman. The Chicago man was preparing to board an American Airlines flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The man was speaking Tamil, a language largely used in India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, on his cell phone at the departure gate and on the aircraft. An off-duty airline employee heard the conversation and informed the flight crew.

The man also apparently said something in English about a sporting rivalry at his alma mater.

“It’s a big misunderstanding,” said Parker. “He had a perfectly innocent explanation that all added up.”

Parker said it is incumbent on airport officials to investigate reports of suspicious activity.

“It’s hard to triage over the phone,” he said.

But Parker had no explanation as to why a man speaking Tamil, which is spoken worldwide, would be considered suspicious. The person who contacted airport officials could give an answer to that question, he added.

Parker said the man was cooperative and boarded a later flight to Texas. He told officials that he would not speak in a foreign language on his cell phone at an airport in the future.



Wait? No foreign languages? Somehow I doubt they’ll arrest him for talking in French.

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Osama bin Pimp and the Face that Launched a Thousand Suicide Bombers

I found the answer!!!!

This woman, *Kola Boof,* wThe face that launched a thousand suicide bombersas on FoxNews talking about her autobiography that was just published, *Diary of a Lost Girl*. Apparently she claims she and Osama bin Laden were an *item* back in the day… *wink wink*

They met in a restaurant in in Marrakesh, or rather he picked her out there and had his men escort her real date out (Osama was the pimp, man)… and bing bang boom… it was er… lust at first sight? He got abusive though (go figure) and she ran away to America.

So that’s it. All the time and money spent… all the lives lost. And it was all for LOWE, dude, all for LOWE. Like one big Bollywood movie. Osama just wants his woman back… and like every noble red-blooded suitor he’s willing to kill every American until he gets her back. I mean if he can’t have her, no one can! She left him a bitter man. He’s just channeling all his pent up anger and frustration to the land where she lives.

Now that we know the truth of the matter. It’s time to take action. We need to send Kola Boof back, ASAP. Email, write, call Rumsfeld we need a special convoy to send Osama his woman. And just to make sure things run smoothly we should send the dymnamic duo of Oprah and Dr. Phil to help mediate between these two lovers. It’s an interest of national security, damnit, no cutting corners here!

So there you have it folks – world peace – brought to you by yours truly. I think I deserve a Noble… but I’ll settle for a seat at the UN.

Wikipedia Bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kola_Boof
Kola Boof Documentary – Part 1: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cwoWEjfvti0

Kola Boof Documentary – Part 2: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tfhuwKGLkyY

Article: http://www.whudat.com/news/pages/806/news_082106_1.php

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Light a Candle


On July 11, hundreds of citizens in Mumbai were killed or hurt by a series of horrifying blasts that crippled the city’s train system. When you fill out this form CNN-IBN will donate one rupee for every candle you light to go toward the relief of the victims of the Mumbai attacks.


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Browsing the News

Points of Interest for today:


Nowhere in the here does it say that five US army soldiers raping and killing a young Iraqi woman falls under the rules of war. I am perpetually disturbed by things that happen like this all the time


Child labor, anyone? Shame on you people. Pair Admit Enslaving Girl



Supreme Court Ruling on Guantanamo.

“It sends a message loud and clear that what President Bush has been doing in the war on terror is illegal. If we are going to win this fight, it is important that we fight it with the rule of law and by the ideals on which the U.S. stands.” — Zachary Katznelson, senior counsel for Reprieve, which provides free legal representation to 36 Guantanamo Bay detainees.

I guess it’s important to add that shutting down the prison really isn’t the answer. Shut this one down, another will open. There are black sites all around the world.

June 30, 2006 Posted by | Social Justice, Violence | 1 Comment

Where you from?

I love NYC. I love living here. It is one of the best cities in the world (this statement is subjective not objective, of course).

But, one thing that drives me crazy is the random comments by street harassers in broad daylight about Indian girls.

"You from India? You married?"

"God bless you, Indian woman."

…and the like…actually some of the stuff people say is pretty vulgar.
Firstly, my origins lie in Pakistan (not that should matter). Secondly, I don't reveal too much in my dress (not that should matter either because it's not about that). Thirdly,what do you hope to accomplish by yelling out something vulgar to a person trying to pass by or just trying to take the subway. No, we aren't asking for it. Which is why I'm really glad someone started this site:


"Holla Back NYC, which [launched] a Web site encouraging women to post photos of anyone who makes uninvited or inappropriate comments and gestures. “It’s not a protest, per se,” explained Emily May, one of Holla Back’s founders. “We don’t hate the guy. We just want to raise awareness about street harassment and let people know it’s not OK."

This is why I love NY.

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