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Vogue, coming to a rickshaw near you!

Guess what, kiddies?

Vogue is launching in India. Surprise surprise.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that starbucks was making its way over there.

Strike a pose!

Read more here.



December 5, 2006 Posted by | Beauty, Fashion&Clothing | 7 Comments

The Fair and Lovely Prototype (part 2)

“Don’t play outside in the sun, you’ll get dark.”

“She’s so pretty, so fair and slim.”

We’ve all heard the familiar phrases. The idea of being fair and lovely is ingrained in our heads before we can even formulate complete sentences. Divanee Magazine published an article titled, “The Fair and Lovely Prototype” in 2004. An excerpt is below.

“Although South Asian women in the United States have now become more highly educated and career-oriented than ever, they are still entrapped by society’s unrealistic expectations and silent but deadly physical norms. We have assimilated ourselves into Western society, yet still retained the portion of Eastern mentality which can be so damaging to a woman’s self worth and self-esteem.”

We love the new Dove campaign. Check out the video below. If the link does not work then click here.

December 1, 2006 Posted by | Beauty | 5 Comments

FREE Clinique Foundation


I knew that would get your attention.

So, granted I’m a procrastinator and this post should have been up long ago, but you still have..um..a couple days left to get perfect foundation match at Clinique counters for free. Go to your nearest Bloomingdale’s and get a 10-day supply of your pefect match foundation. The nice Clinique ladies will help you figure out the best foundation for your skin type, with the best coverage, shade, and finish option for the most natural effect. Offer lasts only as long as the month of October does, so HURRY.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I still have yet to get off my butt and get my own…now that’s some full-fledged procrastination right there.

October 29, 2006 Posted by | Beauty | 4 Comments

muslim homecoming queen a first for this town

muslim prom queen

Sana Rahim – sixteen-year-old homecoming queen

It’s nice to see a Muslim in the news for something other than the big T

Thanks to Shyema for passing this on


October 17, 2006 Posted by | Beauty, Fashion&Clothing | 25 Comments

Lip Service

Evidently Nars (the company responsible for some seriously awesome lip gloss) has a new lipstick shade out: “Hindu.”

I wonder what “Catholic” looks like.

October 16, 2006 Posted by | Beauty, RandomDesi | 5 Comments

Brown Sugar for a Brown Sugar

brown sugar

After the endless quest for the perfect brown lipgloss I have hit the jackpot.

Jasmine, the half-black/half-indian makeup artist at the Sephora in Soho knew exactly what I needed.

Stila lip glaze: brown sugar


August 31, 2006 Posted by | Beauty | 2 Comments

My new favorite $4 gloss

Apt 5

Everytime I walk by a makeup counter at the department store I try not to stop at the array of colorful lipglosses. Resistance is futile. It's like a kid in a candy store. Except…it's me in a makeup store. A few trials and one frustrated makeup artist later I once again explain, "But, they just don't make lipgloss for girls like us!"

To this the makeup artist usually responds, "No, we make all colors for a variety of skin tones."

One day, I was visiting the residence of a fellow editor (sarahkhan) and complimented her lipgloss. She presented a small plastic case and let me try it on. I instantly fell in love with the purplish color. She is shades lighter than me. It looked like it was made for her. But, it also looked like it was made for me. The consistency is just short of being too disgustingly gooey. I lowe it. But, to give credit where credit is due… it turns out one of the other Divanee writers gave it to her as a sample(shyema).

If you live in nyc you can buy at it Duane Reade stores. The brand is called Apt 5. The color is Lp-06.  AND the best part…it's pretty easy on your pocket. $4!!

So, it's my new favorite $4 gloss.

This is not to be confused with my old favorite $16 Lustreglass lipgloss.

May 23, 2006 Posted by | Beauty | 6 Comments