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Muslim sitcom?

So, looks like a sitcom based on being Muslim in post-9/11 North America is in the works. “Little Mosque on the Prairie” is an attempt by its creators (both Muslim and not) to comedically protray stereotypes of Muslims in a manner which will make “Muslims and non-Muslims laugh.”

From the recent NYTimes article: “In an earnest manner not atypical of Canadians, one goal of the show is to explain Muslim behavior, or at least make Muslims seem less peculiar, much as humor about Jews, Italians or gays helped those groups assimilate.”

It’s a good idea, but should be interesting to see if they could pull it off — a Muslim series that actually isn’t cheesy or of amateur material, and at the same time translated in a way everyone can join in on the humour. Guess we just have to wait and see.

Read more about it here


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FREE Clinique Foundation


I knew that would get your attention.

So, granted I’m a procrastinator and this post should have been up long ago, but you still have..um..a couple days left to get perfect foundation match at Clinique counters for free. Go to your nearest Bloomingdale’s and get a 10-day supply of your pefect match foundation. The nice Clinique ladies will help you figure out the best foundation for your skin type, with the best coverage, shade, and finish option for the most natural effect. Offer lasts only as long as the month of October does, so HURRY.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I still have yet to get off my butt and get my own…now that’s some full-fledged procrastination right there.

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“A First Class Man” = A First Class Broadway

In the mood for a smart indie Broadway? A small time play with anything BUT small time talent, David Freeman’s “A First Class Man” is a fascinating true story set in the early 1900s of Indian mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan.

The seemingly aloof, but intensely spiritual, Ramanujan comes to astounding and complicated mathematical conclusions based on what he believes is God-sent intuition alone. He is brought over from India to study at Trinity College in Cambridge with the backing of English mathematician, G.H. Hardy. The play is a captivating exploration of the relationship between Hardy, an atheist and rationalist, and Ramanujan, a spiritual math prodigy. The faith vs. rationality concept in the play is especially interesting, considering today’s political climate.

The talent of the small cast blew me away. Steve French, who took the role of Hardy, plays the conflicted character with great subtlety and keeps us guessing. Amir Arison convincingly plays Ramanujan, whose complicated character of a humble but almost freakishly possessed genius reminded me of John Nash’s character from A Beautiful Mind. Vikram Somaya, who plays multiple supporting roles including Ramanujan’s teacher in India, is absolutely brilliant as he easily shifts gears between his characters and moods. Treat yourself to this refreshing Off-Off Broadway, but it’s playing for only for a few more days, so do it quick!

Oh, and a noteworthy perk: the play actually starts on time.


Presented by AlterEgo Productions, your $18 ticket helps give minority actors an opportunity to showcase their talents. (Look for the upcoming Divanee article on AlterEgo, a not-for-profit organization of different professionals with a common passion for theatre).

Go to www.smarttix.com and type in Ramanujan. The show runs through Oct. 21st, Wed.-Sat. at 8 pm and Sat. and Sun. at 2 pm at the 45th Street Theatre, 345 W. 45th St. (btw 8th and 9th).

*Pictures courtesy of AlterEgo Productions

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