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About Divanee’s Editors Blog

We love talking. We hope you do, too. We wanted to get on the bandwagon and start a blog.

Some background about our bloggers:

miral sattar

Miral Sattar: Editor-in-Chief of Divanee Magazine. Software Developer by day, Magazine Editor by night. Miral lives in NYC and thinks NYC is the best city in the world(this opinion is subjective).

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan: Executive Editor for Divanee Magazine. Sarah is a journalist, currently working at Gotham and Hamptons magazines. When not whining on Divanee’s editors blog, she likes to whine on bysarahkhan.com. One day she will take over the publishing realm. Sarah lives in NYC.

Nadia Mohammad

Nadia Mohammad: Editor, Perspectives section for Divanee Magazine. Nadia works for CAIR-NY (Council of American Islamic Relations – New York chapter) as the civil rights director. Nadia will be going to law school in the fall.

shyema azam

Shyema Azam: Shyema Azam is a NYC based journalist and regular contributor to Divanee Magazine. Moving to the tri-state area from the Midwest is probably one of the best decisions of her life.

Umbreen Bhatti

Umbreen Bhatti: Copy Editor for Divanee Magazine. Umbreen is a lawyer living and working in Washington, DC, and living proof that one CAN leave New York and still be happy.



  1. thanks for the fall issue!
    i love it! i really enjoyed the articles on jay sean (love him! picked
    up his cd last year), sexual health (very important), the designer hijabs(always love fashion! i passed this one on to my islamic
    sisters),the masala bhangra workout (sarah’s hilarious! i wish i could have been there when she took sarina’s class. i would have loved to have met her), and the movie reviews. i saw omkara a month or so ago and found it to be remarkable. ajay devgan’s my favorite & the whole cast of this film was star studded with amazingly talented actors. it was more gritty than pretty and that’s a refreshing change.
    shabbash miral and the whole divanee staff! thanks again. hope you’re doing well and hope to see you soon! (i’ll be ordering a couple of those t-shirts tomorrow…so cute!)

    Comment by earla duana | November 27, 2006 | Reply

  2. HUMMMMmmmmnnnnnnnnn ya its very nice,.,.

    Comment by sahill khan | November 13, 2007 | Reply

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  4. I found Divanee Magazine and was impressed with the reporting and topics. I wanted to share my blog with you. I tried to write to the magazine, but the email was rejected so I thought to leave a comment here. Check it out: http://www.desis101.com. Hope you have a laugh!

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