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Nilofer Bakhtiar – Pakistan tourism minister resigns for obscenity

Nilofer Bakhtiar - Pakistan tourism minister resigns for obscenity

What? Are you kidding? Has anyone been following the story of Nilofer Bakhtiar? She resigned from her post as Pakistan’s tourism minister because she gave her paragliding instructor a hug?

This is even dumber than the Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty scandal…dumber than Tabu and Nelson Mandela…this list could go on.

More on Nilofer Bakhtiar here:

Pakistan’s Tourism Minister Nilofer Bakhtiar has quit after weeks of controversy surrounding a photo of her hugging her French paragliding instructor.

Sources say that she is upset that her own party, the PML Q, did not support her.

Earlier she was asked to step down as chairperson of Women’s Wing of the Pakistan Muslim League.

However, the Pakistan government has neither confirmed nor denied Bakhtiar’s resignation.

Pakistan’s Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani said that a decision on her resignation would only be taken after Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz returns home from Jordon, which he did on Sunday.

Bakthiar, however, seems adamant, and sources close to her say that she is determined not to take her resignation back.


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