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Indians find spouses via online macking

Networking sites aren’t just an American trend. We came across this tidbit on BBC today.

Arranged marriages are adapting to the hi-tech era.


Love-seeking Indians head online


By Sanjoy Majumder
BBC News, Bangalore

Sowmya and Sandeep

Sandeep and Sowmya are very happy with their arranged marriage

India’s rapidly growing economy has led to a transformation in the lives of its middle-class – but how well have the country’s long-standing traditions stood the pace of change?

The city of Bangalore is India’s Silicon Valley, home of the country’s booming IT industry and employing hundreds of thousands of young Indian graduates from across the country.

It is one reason why it is also India’s most cosmopolitan city, a buzzing metropolis dotted with bars, cafes, trendy restaurants and glitzy shopping malls. But scratch under the surface and you still find traditional India.

Sowmya and Sandeep Kulkarni represent the face of modern India. They are both software professionals, IT graduates in their 20s who, nevertheless, found it natural to get married the traditional way – and have it arranged.

“I don’t see any flaw in arranged marriage – it was good enough for my parents and so it is good enough for me,” says Sowmya….[more]


February 9, 2007 - Posted by | Relationships

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