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big brother slam bigger than…

shilpa and jane goody

The Big Brother/Shilpa Shetty controversy is making more headlines than Ashwariya and Abishek’s wedding announcement.

India has stopped manufacturing Jade Goody’s perfume.

Here are some quotes:

You can watch the episodes on youtube

What do you think? Ignorance or racism? According to ITN News, it’s a debate that has sparker a bigger reaction than Saddam Hussein’s hanging.  Apparently 70X more complaints have been about the shilpa shetty treatment than the hanging.


January 22, 2007 Posted by | perspectives | 4 Comments

Stephen Colbert’s Bhangra-Meter Knows Best

Paris-Nicole? So yesterday. Jennifer-Angelina? Who cares anymore.
Looks like we’re so starved for juicy celebrity spats here in the US that Stephen Colbert had to poke around Bollywood to find a good one. Amitabh vs. Shah Rukh: Whose side are YOU on? After analyzing all the facts, Colbert finally picked one.


If you want to skip the rest of Colbert’s insightful, thought-provoking commentary and get right to the (hilarious) masala, jump ahead to the point where there’s 1:51 left in the clip.

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internet desi tv!

For those of you pay $10 for each desi and arab channels you subscribe to on the satellite dish, someone (a non-desi) just forwarded me this site because I just came back from Pakistan.

Once you register you can watch MTV Pakistan, Zee TV, Al-Jazeera International and much much more!

Check it out:




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