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Which came first – the fashion or the egg?

Animals have mating calls; we have mating couture. Who knew? Fellas – now when you notice your ladyfriend all dolled up a bit more than normal, well, don’t say we didn’t warn ya.



October 10, 2006 - Posted by | Fashion&Clothing


  1. the egg!

    Comment by rita | October 11, 2006 | Reply

  2. i dress up when i feel ugly. does that mean i’m ugly when i’m ovulating?

    Comment by blah | October 16, 2006 | Reply

  3. I thought the article was really off when it said that “human ovulation is notoriously difficult to detect. This is attested to by the frequency of unintended pregnancy, as well as test kits marketed to women wishing to become pregnant but unaware of the likeliest time to conceive.” I personally believe that those facts do not necessarily attest to the fact that ovulation is difficult to detect. Instead they reflect that it is incredibly difficult to find honest, straightforward information about sexual and reproductive health for women. For many (not all) women with regular cycles, figuring out when you’re ovulating can be pretty easy – you need to count days of your cycle, and track changes in body temperature and mucus. For all women with choice and resources, avoiding getting pregnant should be pretty freaking easy as well. I feel like the writer understands the term “concealed ovulation” (which means that female humans don’t exhibit outward signs of ovulation like most other animals) to mean that ovulation is “notoriously difficult to detect,” even by the woman herself, which is simply not true. And of course, the journal article is probably not saying that at all -it’s making an argument that human ovulation is not “concealed” in the technical sense of the term. I didn’t mean to be too graphic or anything, but the article makes it seem like women’s bodies are so mysterious and hard to figure out, and that kind of misinformation hurts women.

    Anyways, here’s a little link in case you’re interested in fertility awareness.


    Was my comment totally off topic? Sorry!!

    Comment by Fembot | October 19, 2006 | Reply

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